Why the Blood?

September 2, 2018

Bible Text: Hebrews 9.6-28 |


WHY THE BLOOD?   Hebrews 9.6-28

Doctrine: The shedding of Christ’s blood was absolutely necessary to save sinners like us 

As we prepare to meet around the Lord’s Table, tomorrow’s sermon will answer: Q: Why the Blood?- Why all the Bloodshed prescribed by God for Jewish worship? - Why is the New Covenant in Christs Blood?

  1. Because God is God, He makes the Rules
  2. Because Sin is so wretched that it begets Death
  3. Because the Life is in the Blood
  4. Because Sin-Cleansing requires a Justice-Satisfying Sacrifice
  5. Because as Testator of God’s will Christ must die in order for us to receive God’s inheritance


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