What Ever Happened to the Sabbath?

August 27, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 20.8-11 |


Since the 1st century there has been controversy about Sabbath keeping. Are we still obligated to keep the 4th commandment? Is Sunday the Christian Sabbath? How should we view the Jewish Sabbath? How should we observe the Lord's Day?

Q: Why don’t we worship on Saturday? Next weekWhy do we worship on Sunday? 

Doctrine: The Jewish Sabbath was Superseded by Christ's Salvation Sabbath

I. The Mosaic Sabbath was Uniquely Jewish

II. Jesus set the Sabbath Record Straight

III. The Jewish Sabbath was a Shadow of that which Salvation is the Substance

IV. 5 Reasons Why the Church is not under OT Sabbath Law


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