The Snake on Your Doorstep

October 8, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 20.14; Matt 5.27-28 |



At the heart of the Seventh Commandment is the prohibition of Lust. Lust is at the Root of every form of immorality known to mankind. Take out the root and you take out the tree with all its noxious fruit. The goal of this sermon is to offer an invincible, biblical strategy for defeating lust.

Doctrine: To Win the War against Immorality we must Win the War against Lust

Q: How do we Win the War against Lust?

I. The Gospel Means of Defeating Lust - G.R.A.C.E.

G - Seek Grace

R - Run your Sword through the Temptation

A - Avoid, where possible, areas of temptation

C - Clothe yourself in Christ's Righteousness

E - Enjoy a Greater Satisfaction - Christ!

II. The Gospel Motives for Defeating Lust

A. For The Glory of God and the Enjoyment of God 

B. For the fulfillment of the Greatest Command 

C. For the Honor of a Good Reputation 

D. For the Joy of Heaven

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