The Rise of the Tower of Babel

November 1, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 11:1-4 |


The Rise & Fall of the Tower of Babel

How did mankind do after the flood? Did he learn his lesson from this devastating judgment? Did he forsake his sin and walk with God? How long did Noah’s descendants remain pure and committed to God? What was the next great recorded event in human history? Who were the most prominent people of the next 1000 yrs between Noah and Abraham?

I. The Table of Nations Document G10-11

A. Eber 10.24

B. Peleg 10.25

C. Nimrod 10.8-12

II. The Tower of Babel’s Description 11.1-4

A. One Tongue – Communication

B. One City - Government

C. One Tower – Religion

D. One Purpose – Exalt Man

III. Four Lessons About Man in this Babel Narrative

A. We are Brick-Makers

B. We are City-Builders

C. We are Tower-Builders

D. We are Name-Makers


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