The Prevailing & The Receding Waters

October 11, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 7:17-8:14 |


The Prevailing and the Receding Waters G7:17-8:14

We’ve considered Noah & his family laboring on the Ark for 120 years. In this week’s text we’ll see them Living in the Ark (for 1 yr and 10 days). Next we’ll watch them Leave the Ark for a renewed earth.

I. The Prevailing Waters 7:17-24

 A. The Depth 17-20

 B. The Destruction 21-13

 C. The Duration 24

II. The Retreating Waters 8:1-14

 A. Noah Remembered 1a

 B. The Waters Receded 1b-3

 C. The Ark Rested 4-6

 D. The Aerial Recon 7-12

 E. The Earth Rehabitable 13-14

III. The Greatest Lesson from the Waters


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