The His-Story of Abram

December 6, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 14 |


The ultimate thing in our lives is the His-Story that God is working in each of us for His glory. What circumstance is God sovereignly bringing into your life right now and why? What are you learning from it? How are you responding? Are you growing in faith and godliness like Abram or are you floundering in failure like Lot? How does the His-Story book of your life read?

I. The His-Story of Lot 1-12, 16

A. God’s Abduction of Lot from Sodom  1-12

B. Lot’s  Assimilation with Sodom 12

C. God’s Restoration of Lot by Abram 16

II. The His-Story of Abram 13-24

A. Abram’s Separation 13

B. Abram’s Sanctification 14-24

 1. The Test of Faith 14-15

 2. The Test of Fortune 16-17, 21-24

 3. The Testimony of the Faithful 18-20


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