The Fall-Out of the Fall Part 1

May 24, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 3:16-19 |


"We can never understand the Height of God’s Love until we understand the depth of our depravity as a result to the Fall,” Martyn Lloyd-Jones. This text in Genesis 3 takes us to both places.

Title: The Fall-out of the Fall

Text: Genesis 3:7-24

The Devastating Repercussions of the Fall 16-24

 A. A Righteous Curse placed on Mankind 16-19

1. The Curse on Woman 16

2. The Curse on Man 17-19

 B. A Radical Corruption passed on to Mankind (Various texts)

1. Original Sin

2. Total Depravity

 C. A Redeeming Covering provided for Mankind 20-24

1. Faith and Repentance 20-21

2. Atonement and Security 22-24

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