The Fall of Babel

November 15, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 11 |


As we follow the flow of human history from the Fall of the Tower of Babel to the Call of Abraham we see two great forces at work: the exercise of man’s depraved and rebellious free will; and the exercise of God’s holy and sovereign will in allowing and restraining and judging evil for His glory. Genesis 11 will take us from Noah to Nimrod to Abraham covering 300-400 years. The last sermon looked at the Rise of the Tower of Babel (11.1-5). This message will consider the Fall of the Tower of Babel and beyond to the Call of Abram (11.6-32). The glory of God shines forth in this amazing text.


I. The Divine Demise of Babel 11.5-9

A. Diverse Languages

B. Disunity

C. Dispersion

II. The Display of Divine Glory at Babel

A. The Sovereignty of God Displayed

B. The Wisdom of God Displayed

III. The Direction of Divine Providence after Babel 11.10-32

A. Terah and the City of Man 10-32

B. Abram and the City of God Heb 11.10


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