Solus Christus

November 19, 2017

Bible Text: Matt 7.13-14; Lk 13.23-24 |


The fourth Reformation Sola is the most important and glorious of all five. Salvation is by Grace alone, through Faith alone in Christ alone. Roman Catholicism strayed far from this Creed. Mainline Protestantism today has strayed far from this Creed. This sermon aims to show the glory of Solus Christus.


Doctrine: Jesus Christ is “The” Only Savior 

Q: What must I do to be Saved?    What is the process? It is an easy thing? Is it a simple prayer and I am in? What does Jesus have to say about this? Be ready to be shocked!

I. You must become Intolerantly Narrow to Enter the Kingdom of God Matt 7.13-14

II. You must Fiercely Fight to Enter the Kingdom of God Lk 13.24

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