Preparing for the Flood

September 20, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 6:13-22 |


Sermon: Preparation for the Flood

Text Gen 6:13-22
In this passage we’ll see how Noah prepared for the first worldwide judgment of God against sin. And we'll ponder how we should be preppers for the next, even greater judgment of God foretold in Scripture.

I. God’s Reason for the Flood 13, 17

A. The Why 13

B. The How 17

II. God’s Rescue of Noah from the Flood 14-21

A. The Ark’s Design 14-16

B. The Ark’s Contents 18-21

III. Noah’s Response to the Flood 22

A. Persevering Trust

B. Faithful Obedience

IV. Our response to the Flood 


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