Our Promise-Making, Covenant-Keeping God

October 18, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 8:15-9:17 |


For a year and 10 days Noah and his family were living in a gigantic, rudderless floating barn. In this text we see them leaving the ark for a new world. But what kind of world was it after the flood? What did Noah and his family see and sense and feel as the door of the ark came down? What did it lead Noah to do immediately? What word did God have for the only 8 survivors of the flood? What would life be like in this new world?

I. Initial Response to the New World 8:15- 22 
A. Great is the Fear of Man 15-19
B. Great is the Faithfulness of God 20-22
II. Instructions for the New World 9:1-7

III. Inauguration of the Noahic Covenant 8 - 17

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