O How I Love Your Law

July 30, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 20.1-3 |


Are we under Law or Grace? Does the Old Testament Law apply to New Testament believers? What do we mean by “The Law”? Does Grace cancel out the Law? This sermon will introduce the most Epic God Encounter of the OT and get us through the First Commandment

Doctrine: The Law of God liberates us to be fully human
Q: How does the Law liberate humanity?

4 Goals: That you would:

1.    Understand the Purpose of the Law of God – Gal 3.19, 24

2.    Enjoy the Liberty of the Law of God – Ps 119.45; James 1.25

3.    Love the Law of God – Ps 119.97, 165; Ps 1.2

4.    Worship only the God of the Law – Exo 20.3

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