Jesus our Judah

October 2, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 49.1-12 |


Christ our Judah - G49.1-12

Jacob is dying. His final words to his 12 sons are both prophetic and poetic. They are thick with meaning and relevance for Israel and the Church. This sermon will cover Jacob’s last words to his 4 oldest sons with emphasis on Judah.

Prophetic Legacies for the Sons of Jb

I. Reuben – Failure to Thrive 1-4

II. Simeon & Levi – WMD Users 5-7

III. Judah – Jesus Exalted 8-12

A. Christ our Lion

B. Christ our Shiloh
C. Christ our Choice Vine
D. Christ our Blood Washed Garment
E. Christ our Loveliness

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