Images of God

August 6, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 20.4-6 |


IMAGES OF GOD - Exo 20.4-6; 

How do you imagine God as you worship? Do you have a mental picture of Him in your mind? How do you see God? Is it right for us to visualize God a certain way?

The 2nd Commandment - You shall not make for yourself a carved image ...

Doctrine: It Matters How you Worship God      God must not only be worshiped Solely – Com #1;  He Must be worshiped Correctly - Commandment #2


Q: How should you Picture God in your Mind as you Pray and Worship Him?



I.              That you would not Imagine God as anything created

II.            That you would view God as Gloriously Transcendent to all you know


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