If Looks Could Kill

October 1, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 20.13 |



According to Jesus - Looks can Murder. In Matt 5.20-21 Christ expounds the sixth command. He shows us that what we think in our heart matters as much to God as what we do with our hands. The killer look reveals what is in the heart (Ester 3.5-6)

Doctrine: Life is Sacred. Safeguard it    

Q: Why is Murder Wrong? How are we guilty of Murder in our society? Is taking a life ever Justified?

I. Murder is Wrong because:  (3 of the Greatest Reasons)

A. It is an attack on the Image of God (Gen 1.26-27; 9.6)

B. It is a breach of God's Moral Law (Exo 20.13)

C. It promotes Satan’s plan for mankind (Jn 8.44)

II. How are we Guilty of Murder in our Society?

A. Homicide;  B. Suicide;  C. War Crimes;  D. Abortion;  E. Heart Homicide

III. Is Killing ever Justified?

A. Capital Punishment;  B. Defense of Life:  C. Just War

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