Ham’s Sin & Canaan’s Curse

October 25, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 9:18-29 |


The story of Noah takes a tragic and unexpected twist. It gets messy. Why did the Holy Spirit choose this as the final recorded event in an otherwise heroic life? The reasons behind it will cause us to want to fall down and worship the God who recorded it.

I. The Fallenness of Noah’s Family 18-23

A. Noah’s Sin 18-21

B. Ham’s Scorn 22

C. Shem & Japheth’s Esteem 23

II. The Future of Noah’s Family 24-29

A. The Curse of Canaan 24-25

B. The Blessing of Shem & Japheth 26-27

C. The Conclusion of Noah’s life 28-29

III. Four Key Lessons for our Family

A. Sin Survived the Flood

B. Seemingly Small Sins can have Far-Reaching Consequences

C. Your Legacy does not have to be Defined by your Sin

D. The Kind of People God Saves - Sinners

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