Going Down To Egypt

November 22, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 12 |


Going Down to Egypt - G12

The worldwide lens of biblical history narrows in Genesis 12-50 to zoom in upon one chosen man and one chosen nation. In chapter 12 Abram enters Canaan on a spiritual high but soon goes down to Egypt into a spiritual low. There are great lessons for us to learn here from the early days of Abram’s struggling faith.

I. The Call of God from Haran 1-5

A. The Call 1

B. The Covenant 2-3

C. The Caravan 4-5

II. Calling on God in Canaan 6-9

A. The Altar of Shechem 6-7

B. The Altar of Bethel 8-9

III. Compromising Godliness in Egypt 10-20

A. Dire Circumstance 10a

B. Disbelieving Course 10b

C. Deceitful Cover-up 11-16

D. Divine Chastisement 17-20

IV. Three Concluding Lessons

A. Divine Chastisement is not easy but it is good

B. We are called to be Separate – to live in Canaan not in Egypt

C. We should live according to the Biblical Vision that God has granted us


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