God’s Gracious & Merciful Throne

May 20, 2018

Bible Text: Hebrews 4.14-16 |


What a glorious difference knowing Christ as your High Priest makes in your approach to the Throne of God!

Doctrine: Christ our great High Priest turns the dreaded throne of Judgment into a drawing throne of Grace & Mercy

Q: How should we respond to Christ as our great High Priest? 

I. Hold fast to your Confession of faith 14-15

 A. Because Christ is the Son of God

 B. Because Christ is a Sympathetic High Priest

 C. Because Christ is a Sinless High Priest

II. Confidently draw near to throne of God 16

 A. Because we are so in need of this mercy dispensing throne

 B. Because we are so in need of this grace dispensing throne


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