God’s Covenant with Adam

May 19, 2019

Bible Text: Genesis 1.26-28; 2.15-23; 3.20 |


GOD’S COVENANT WITH ADAM     Genesis 1.26-29; 2.15-25

Doctrine: God’s covenant with Adam shows us that perfect righteousness is required for heaven

Q: What was life like on earth  before sin entered?

QWhat does it mean to be created in the Image & likeness of God?

QWhat do we learn from the Covenant of Works (Adamic Covenant)?

  1. It is impossible for us to get to Heaven by our works 
  1. If Adam couldn’t make it in his original state of perfection, we sure can’t make it in our fallen state of sin
  1. The Covenant of works did us in but God has a better Covenant for us

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