Faith Your Doubts

October 14, 2018

Bible Text: Hebrews 10.26-39 |


Doctrine: We are called to faith our doubts with enduring confidence

The author of Hebrews is concerned for the souls of his Jewish readers. He writes to a group like any church today where there is a mixed congregation of true believers, false professors, fence-sitters, investigators and potential apostates. So the key Q to answer is this:

Q: How can I know that I believe to the saving of my soul? cf Vs. 36

I. That you would grasp the eternal calamity of drawing back from Christ 29-31

A. The Folly of a false profession

B. The Treachery of Apostasy

II. That you would manifest the fruit of drawing near Christ 32-39.

A. Look back for evidence of Saving Grace 32-34

B. Look forward with confidence in Staying Grace 35-39


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