Creation Day Six – Part 1

February 8, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 1:24-27 |


This sermon focuses on what it means to be created “In the Image of God,” and considers how we should respond to this glorious truth practically. It is a blessing that gives us great cause for worship and service.

CREATION DAY 6 (Part 1) - Gen 1:24-27

A. God creates Animals 24-25
 1. Beasts of the Field
 2. Beasts of the Wilderness
 3. Creeping Things
B. God creates Man 26-27
 1. Man was created by Trinitarian Counsel
 2. Man was created in the Image of God
  a. He is God-Conscious
  b. He is a Personal Being
  c. He is an Eternal Being
  d. He is a Moral Being
C. Applications
 1. We should pursue a personal Saving Relationship with Jesus Christ
 2. We should place great Value on Human Life
 3. As Image-Bearers we should accurately reflect the glory of God
 4. We should be all about cultivating godly personal relationships in the Body of Christ


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