Circumcision of the Heart

January 17, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 17:1-4, 22-27 |


We will finish Genesis 17 looking at the significance of the Seal God chose for His Covenant with Abraham. The wisdom of God and the glory of Christ shine forth from this rather strange and bloody sign of circumcision. There is much blessed and practical relevance in it for believers today.

I. God’s Covenant with Abraham 1-9

 A. What is a Covenant?

 B. Examples from Scripture

 C. What is the Abrahamic Covenant?

II. God’s Sign for the Covenant 10-14

 A. Circumcision of the Flesh

 B. Circumcision of the Heart

 C. Circumcision of Christ

III. Abraham’s Obedience to the Covenant 22-27

 A. Abraham’s Response - Immediate and Total

 B. What is your Response to the Word of God?

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