Christology 1000-01

February 18, 2018

Bible Text: Hebrews 1.4-14 |


CHRISTOLOGY 1000-01 Heb 1.4-14

We move from the study of Angels to the study of Christ and behold His infinite superiority to them. It is important that we have a biblical understanding of Christ because it has a profound effect on our Worship and our Walk.

Doctrine: A Biblical Christology is the Believer’s Magnetic North

Q: What Drawing Effect does a Biblical Christology have on Believers?

A. It Draws our spiritual needle toward a fervent Worship of Christ 4-14    

  1. Christ is the Son of God - Angels are the Servants of God 4-5, 7, 14
  2. Christ is Worshiped - Angels are Worshipers 6
  3. Christ is on the Throne - Angels are around the Throne 8
  4. Christ is the Creator - Angels are Created 10
  5. Christ is Eternal - Angels have an Origin11-12
  6. Christ is Unchanging - Angels are Changing 12

B. It Guides our daily walk toward a flourishing Christlikeness 8-9

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