Christian Thievery

October 22, 2017

Bible Text: Exodus 20.15; Eph 4.28 |


Christian Thievery Exo 20.15

The 8th Command essentially encompasses all others. Can you imagine what our world would be like today if Society followed the 10 Commandments wholeheartedly? The more we perceive that possibility, the more we understand the power and the importance and the significance of the Decalogue.

Are you a thief? This sermon will consider ways that believers often break the 8th Command and what we should do about our Christian Thievery.

Doctrine: Christians are called from Stealing to Laboring and Giving

Q: How should we respond to the 8th Command? Eph 4.28

I. Steal no longer

II. Labor with your hands doing Good

III. Give to Others

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