But We See Jesus

March 20, 2018

Bible Text: Hebrews 2.5-9 |



What kind of dominion did Adam and Eve enjoy before Paradise was lost? Who rules this world now? What will Paradise Restored look like? How can we make sense of our existence and that of the universe? What about Stephen Hawking’s cosmology (science of the origin and design of the universe)?
Doc: Mankind had a Glorious Destiny, forfeited by sin, usurped by Satan but Regained by Christ

Q: How can I regain my lost destiny?

I. Man’s Glorious Destiny – Dominion over all things 5-8a
II. Man’s Glorious Destiny – Stolen by Satan 8b
III. Man’s Glorious Destiny – Restored by Christ 9
Action verse: 4 Things we need to See

A. That you would see Jesus as your Divine, Sovereign Creator Heb 1

B. That you would see Jesus in His sinless Humanity 2.9a

C. That you would see Jesus Suffering Death for you 9b

D. That you would see Jesus crowned with Glory & Honor 9c

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