A Saving Faith that God Accounts for Righteousness

December 13, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 15 |


Saving Faith that God Accounts for Righteousness - Gen 15

In Abram we see a great illustration of Saving Faith - a faith that God accounts for righteousness - a faith that progressively produces godliness. It is not a surface faith that mentally assents to the gospel but affects no transformation in the sinner. It is a life-changing, soul-transforming faith. Do you have this saving faith? If so, water it with the Promises of God. If not, seek God for it.I. The Promised Seed 1-5

A. God’s Revelation of Himself to Abram 1

B. Abram’s Request of God 2-3

C. God’s Response to Abram 4-5

II. The Promised Land 7-21

A. God’s Revelation of Himself to Abram 7

B. Abram’s Request of God 8

C. God’s Response to Abram 9-21

III. The Promised Righteousness 6

A. Abram’s Faith in God 6a

B. God’s Imputation to Abram 6b

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