A Faith-Oriented Life

March 6, 2016 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 24:1-27 |


The over-arching theme of this chapter is ‘The Providence of God in securing a Bride for Isaac’. In verses 1-27 we will look at two great examples of a Faith-Oriented life and see how we need to likewise Act on the Word of God and Rest in the Providence of God.


I. Abraham’s Faith-Oriented Life 1-8

 A. Faith’s Action 1-6

 B. Faith’s Rest 7-8

II. A Servant’s Faith-Oriented Life 9-14

 A. Faith’s Action 9-12

 B. Faith’s Rest 13-14

III. God’s Perfect Providence 15-27

 A. Perfect Provision #1 – God’s Exact Timing

 B. Perfect Provision #2 – Rebekah is very Beautiful 16

 C. Perfect Provision #3 – Rebekah is a woman of noble character 17-20

 D. Perfect Provision #4 – Rebekah is from the right family 21-27

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