Creation Day Six – Part 2

February 22, 2015 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 1:24-31 |


Did God create the Best Possible World? How can the answer possibly be, ‘Yes’ when we consider all the horrific evil on this earth since the Fall of Adam and Eve? Can we still say with God today, “It is very good?” These are questions to ponder as we consider Creation Day Six.

Creation Day 6 (Gen 1:24-31)

I. God Creates Land Animals 24-25

II. God Creates Mankind 26-30

 A. Mankind is a Trinitarian Work 26a

B. Mankind is created in God’s Image 26b-27a This much was covered in Part 1

C. God creates mankind Male and Female 27b

D. God’s Blessing and Mandate for mankind 28-30

1. Be Fruitful and multiply

2. Have Dominion over the earth

III. God’s Perfect Creation 31

It is very Good


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